Is an MVHR System Worth It?

Are MVHR systems worth it?

Within older buildings that have a persistent issue with dampness and mould. MVHR systems are a total blessing that will help eliminate these ongoing issues. If you are looking to achieve Passivhaus levels of air tightness, then an MVHR is a must. But, there are some things to consider…

Things to consider when getting mechanical ventilation with a heat recovery system:


  • A controlled ventilation system
  • Better air quality
  • Lower humidity and no condensation
  • Can be used to deliver heat throughout the house and eliminate the need for underfloor heating or radiators
  • Homogenous atmosphere — similar temperatures throughout the house


  • You cannot have open fires or wood burners with an internal air supply (which requires a dedicated external or direct air supply)
  • The cost can be a con
  • Achieving required levels of airtightness also have a cost
  • Another maintenance job, as filters need regular replacement
  • Homogenous atmosphere — we might not like similar temperatures throughout

There is no question that airtightness is a key factor in achieving thermally-efficient houses. Airtightness stops heat from escaping from the house and stops cold air from entering (draughts).

An MVHR system is usually the preferred method in airtight homes as it extracts moist stale air and supplies fresh warmed filtered air into the house while recovering up to 95% of the heat of the extracted air. Unlike other ventilation options, the MVHR system offers both ventilation and heat recovery.

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