The Importance of Renewable Energy Technologies

So, What Are Renewable Energy Technologies?

“Renewable energy technologies” is an umbrella term that stands for energy production using a renewable energy source like solar, wind, water (hydro and tidal), biomass (biofuels and wastes), and geothermal heat.

Survey Design Consult are forward-thinking project delivery consultants who have a vast array of knowledge across different industries and have delivered some of the UK’s most high-profile projects. We specialise in Mechanical, Electrical and Lighting design and are passionate about incorporating sustainable energy technologies into our projects.

Here are some of the sustainable technologies we offer advice on:

Renewable Energy Technology – Solar PV:

Solar PV (Solar Photovoltaics) is the generation of electricity using energy from the sun. Modern solar panels produce electricity from daylight and do not require direct sunlight, although more electricity is produced on bright, sunny days. Enough sunlight falls onto the earth every hour to meet the world’s power demands for an entire year, so harnessing and using this free energy can help reduce our reliance on other sources of energy and be beneficial to the environment as well.

Air Source Heat Pumps:

An air-source heat pump is an alternative way to heat your home. It will enable you to generate your own renewable heat and potentially save money on your energy bills. Heat pumps can save you more on your heating bills if you’re replacing an expensive system such as electric storage heaters, oil, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or coal, rather than gas. But remember, a well-insulated home is essential – otherwise the heat the pump is generating escapes more easily.

Ground Source Heat Pumps:

A ground source heat pump is a renewable heating system that extracts low temperature solar energy stored in the ground or water using buried pipework and compresses this energy to a higher temperature. A ground source heat pump provides a building with 100% of its heating and hot water all year round.


MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) provides fresh filtered air into a building whilst retaining most of the energy that has already been used in heating the building. If you are intending to fit MVHR heat recovery ventilation into a new build or refurbishment, then it should be considered from early in the planning stage. A well-designed mechanical ventilation system can provide the right amount of clean, fresh air that is vital for the health and wellbeing of a household. Click here to find out more about the pros and cons of MVHR systems.

We can also offer renewable energy technology advice on Wind turbines, Wastewater Harvesting, Solar Thermal, Electric Vehicle Charging, Biomass and Hydro-power systems.

It is important to consider using sustainable methods in your projects, the key benefits that come from this are environmental impact and energy security. After the oil supply disruptions of the 1970s, our nation has increased its dependence on foreign oil supplies instead of decreasing it. This increased dependence impacts more than just our national energy policy.

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The importance of Renewable Energy Technologies